Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Cowgirls at the ready!

May 2009. Tipi in the back garden.
My first and only experience of 'glamping' was a hired tipi in the back garden. (I don't think a caravan counts as glamping as caravan interiors and upholstery just ain't that cool). As you can see it was a tight squeeze to get it in, but it was well worth it. I have fond memories of my mum making me and my brother tipis from garden canes and an old sheet, (apart from the trip to the doctor when a cane accidentally poked mum in the eye). This was the grown up version of my tipis of childhood! The wonderful Anji from The Tipi Hire Company came and put it up in the garden and supplied us with cushions and mats and fairy lights.

After six months of giving everything to my little G, (he is the baby being 'kidnapped' by cowboys in the photo) I was ready to celebrate my birthday with a big party. My lovely friends didn't want me to miss out on our annual May bank holiday camping weekend and I didn't feel ready to leave G. So we 'compromised' on a tipi in the back garden and a cowboy and Indian theme. Here we are reinacting the scene where the native American girl's baby is kidnapped by cowboys - don't ask, after a few drinks we were convinced that was what happened in cowboy stories of old.

As you can see the tipi really inspired us and we got into character over the weekend. It was really snug to sleep in and great for afternoon naps and girly chats. At night you could open the poles at the top and see the stars. I would heartily recommend a tipi to make any gathering of friends or family really special.

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