Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Ilam, therefore I am

Ilam Caravan Park
The best place to destress. The pictures do the talking. Finally we have 'camper smugness' about finding the perfect pitch. These aren't my pics, but I promise will make a point of taking more from now on. The site is a really small and quiet site tucked into the most amazing National Trust site at Ilam. Just for caravans and motorhomes as it has no toilet or showers. A real escape with no mobile signal for miles. I spent every spare moment staring out the window - finally our first caravan trip with a proper view. Okay so it rained a bit and wasn't quite as lush as this, but it was still amazing.

We loved the beautiful views of Dovedale, gorgeous food at the NT cafe, the NT shop and gardens. We wondered if the kids would miss not having a playarea. But Ilam was one big playground - how many campsites have on the doorstep a tent like tree you can climb inside, a pooh sticks bridge, banks of giant rhubarb to hide in, a castle, steep hills you can roll down, sheep to watch over breakfast, the tiniest church and the best hide and seek territory.

The resident volunteer wardens were really helpful and guided us expertly onto our first sloping pitch. We definitely needed the help. (Although Mr A - I am very proud of you -I would have needed several double G and Ts after all that manouvering). I think we will and avoid slopes if possible, as it was a long way down from the door to the floor for the kids and G fell out, but it was worth it for THE VIEW! You can also buy eggs and get a paper delivered.

Under a mile away is the start of the short walk to Dovedale's stepping stones. We had a fairly whingefree 'family walk' thanks to bribing the little ones with the best ice cream at one end and the stepping stones at the other - what better carrots for small walkers? And again I was just mesmerised by how beautiful it all was and just unbelievably unspoilt. A picture postcard scene everywhere you looked.

We will definitely be returning to this site. I hear the National Trust are expanding their camping facilities - brilliant idea! And thanks to the NT site for the pictures.


  1. Hi Penny, thanks for the post on my site.
    The peak district was marvellous - it looks like we were both there at the same time. Am hoping to get some more posts up on our holiday tonight!

  2. Hello BNM :)
    Thanks for your post too. Look forward to hearing the next installment - did you see Ilam? Our next camping trip is with six of my daughter's friends and families. Hoping that means I get to do some serious relaxing!
    Penny x

  3. Hi Penny

    Thanks for the nice comments about our blog. I am now following yours and look forward to reading your adventures!

    Justine & David (Towed In A Hole)

  4. Hi Justine and David
    Look forward to hearing about yours too :)